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Cabinet-type Rice Cooker (gas/electric)

The whole cooking process is completely automated machine controlled by a microcomputer. This cooker is most appropriate for cooking small amount of rice. The microcomputer carefully controls each cooking step to provide ideal conditions and even cooking. This is a cabinet design for small business ans those with limited installation space.

Gas type:

-Radial burner, cooks rice evenly.
-The cooking adjustment function, caters to different rice menus.
-A diversified range of cooking modes: plain rice, porridge, musenmai(rinse-free rice) and etc.
-Self-diagnotic function detects flameout, accidental fire, power out gas, empty cooking, etc and automatically shuts off the gas and gives out alarm light and buzz.
-Unique, double-walled structure considerably reduce radiant heat emanating from the surface. This enables it to be installed most close to walls and save space.(low-radiation model only)
-The machine is rated Grade A by fire protection testing of gas appliances.

Electric type:

-(Carbon heaters) enhance thermal efficiency by almost 30%. It can cook a variesty of rice products from white rice to rinse-free rice and even pilaf.

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