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Over the past 40 years Better Pack Co., Ltd. was being side by side with the Thai Industry as the importer, manufacturer, and distributor of Packaging machines, Food Processing including Quality assurance, together with the policy to serve every need of Thai Food Processing machines.
Khun (Mr.) Kittisak Wangwarunyoo, Division Manager, FUJI PACKAGING MACHINE DIVISION of Better Pack Co., Ltd. explained that the main managing policy of the company emphasizes on the service of every requirement from customers and offers the most appropriate machines to them. As a result, Better Pack Co., Ltd. is growing alongside with Thai Industry until today.
The evidence that obviously proved our policy is the re-organization to cope with the changeable needs of the customers of Better Pack Co., Ltd. Nowadays, the customers' requirement is much more diversified than in the past comparing to the cheaper labor cost when most of the manufacturers did not need to import machines. In contrast, presently, machines can replace more of the labors. Some of the special process requires machines as they work more properly both in quantity and quality of the products. Khun Kittisak cited.
For one thing that is still always vital for the machines searching for food manufacturing: the quality of the machine, the consistency and modern technology. Khun Kittisak emphasized on this issue that we mainly import the machines in accordance with the market requirements. They must not be out of date. The food processed by the machines must be up to standard. Currently, every customers talk about the higher standard and the cost of the high standard machines is higher. However, the standards mentioned by the customers are varied. We have to separate the level of customers by their requirements. Some of them need the semi-automatic machine which is not so expensive while the other may need the fully automatic machine. Therefore, the duty of Better Pack Co., Ltd. is to offer the most suitable machine to serve the specific requirement of the customers.
Apart from the quality of the machines, the after sales service is also essential issue which Better Pack Co., Ltd. always concern. We have the special team who are ready to solve the problems for customers in timely manner including after sales service to provide spare parts for them very fast in order to re-assure them of our best service.

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